Top 3 Super Mom “Failed” Moments

Alright y’all, who have a handbook on how to be a mom? I wish it was this easy, but honestly, no book will prepare you for motherhood. I failed at being a mom so many times. I made some mistakes, and disappointed my kids but it’s ok because I am not perfect. I wanted to share my experience with you just in case you are beating yourself down, and wanted you to know that you are not alone. Let me jump right to it, and list my TOP 3 Super Mom “Failed” Moments.

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DIY Picnic Table Makeover

A few weeks ago, I woke up and was browsing through pinterest looking at home decorating ideas. I came across a video showing a girl glueing and nailing plywood planks to her plastic folding table, and it just blew me away! I thought to myself, let me see if I can do it. Next thing I know, I’m at Lowes shopping for wood, glue, and paint materials. As you can see, I have an impulse on doing things like this where I don’t plan my projects. I just do it when I’m motivated and inspired enough to jump on it (that’s probably how my business got started). So, here’s how it went with my very FIRST DIY project.

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Alfredo Pasta Dinner

One of the struggles that I face being a mom and a wife is making sure dinner is ready every night.  I admit, that some nights, it doesn’t happen and I’ll have to grab takeout.  I’m pretty sure you can relate, so here’s an EASY recipe that you can make. When I say easy, I mean you only need 6 ingredients!!

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Decor Tips: Choosing Your Color

The way you decorate your house and choose your colors are very important.  You have to make sure that all the colors go together, and that not one color is too much or not enough.  I always start with choosing the wall color first.  Think of your walls as a blank canvas of your masterpiece.  Just remember that whatever color you choose, you will be living in it for a long time, so pick wisely.  In this sample, my walls are cream white.

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Anderson Tray use 3 Ways

If you’re following me on Instagram and Facebook, then you’ll know that I LOVE rustic and farmhouse decor.  I told myself that I’m going to turn my house into a city farmhouse. Hopefully I can pull it off, but that’s on another post.

Today’s blog is all about using my Anderson Tray in Three Ways.

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DIY Cotton Ball Garland

How many of you started thinking about Christmas the minute halloween was over? This is me. I put up my Christmas tree in November. I know people say you should respect the turkey, which I do, but I spent a lot of money on my faux tree that I want to be able to admire it for as long as I can.  Last year, I bought myself a Martha Stewart lightly flocked tree.  I always wanted one, so I was very excited about this purchase.  I wanted to add more snow to my tree this year, so I’m going to show you an inexpensive way to add “snowballs” to your tree. You only need three things to make it.

This is my DIY Cotton Ball Garland.

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