A Neutral Greenery Tablescape

It’s November and I’m so excited! I love the holidays and I love spending time with my family. Unfortunately, this year is little bit different due to the pandemic, but that didn’t stop me from creating this neutral greenery tablescape. Even though, we won’t be having a huge family dinner this year, I still wanted to put this together for my little family, and try to make it extra special for us. I hope this inspire you to do the same, and find some tips in this post to help you create something beautiful for your family as well.

I’m all about earthy tones, neutrals, natural wood, and lots of greenery. I wanted to incorporate my style into my tablescape and bring out this greenery garden-like theme into my dining room. It’s starting to get cold around the evening in California so I wanted us to be able to enjoy the outdoor without having to be outside. If you want this look, here are a few things that you can buy to create this tablescape.

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Things you need to get this look:

  1. Faux Magnolia Leaves Garland
  2. 4 Bouquets of Gum Drop Eucalyptus Stems
  3. 4 Bouquets of True Blue Eucalyptus Stems
  4. 4 Bouquets of Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Stems
  5. 3 Piece Gold Taper Candle Holder
  6. White Vase
  7. 3 Unscented Taper Candlesticks
  8. 4 Wood Charger Placemat
  9. 4 Stoneware Dinner Plate 10″
  10. Balloon Garland Set from Pretty Chic Party
  11. 3 Hanging Garden Glass Votive
  12. Backdrop Stand
  13. White Cotton Curtains
  14. Hearth & Hand Linen Napkin (Pack of 4)
  15. Matte Black Utensil Set

Steps I took to put this tablescape together.

Step 1: Setup the backdrop stand, add all three of the hanging garden glass votive through the pole of the stand, and insert both curtains to both ends.

Step 2: Next, make the balloon garland. I bought these balloons from my sisters party shop, Pretty Chic Party, and they have the best balloons! Reach out to them if you want a balloon garland kit with quality balloons. This step is a little tricky, so I’ll try my best to explain how I did it. First, I blew up four balloons. Then, I tied two balloons together which will give you two sets of balloons. Then I wrapped both set of the balloons together by holding one vertical, and the other horizontal. I wrapped them together by twisting them in the center so they are secure and wrapped. This will give you one group of four balloons tied together. Continue doing this until you are able to make at last 7-8 groups of balloons.

Step 3: Take the grouped balloons, and insert it into the backdrop stand. You will have to twist the balloons into the stand so it’ll be sturdy, and it doesn’t pop out.

Step 4: Lay the magnolia garland in the center of the table, and slowly add each stem of the eucalyptus plants to the garland. I had to cut some of the stem, and mix it in together so it looks fuller. There’s no wrong way of doing this. You just keep adding it to your liking. I notice that it was missing something, so I added some faux cotton ball stem to the garland. Get creative and add whatever you like.

Step 5: I added a few stems of eucalyptus to my balloon garland. Don’t forget to use painters tape, and tape the end of the stem before inserting it into the garland. You don’t want to accidentally pop the balloons. Then, I filled my vase with more eucalyptus and use it as the center pieces.

Step 6: This last step is the fun part which is styling the table. I lay the wooden placemat on the table, add the dinner plate, and put the napkins on top of each plate. I didn’t have any napkin rings that will match this theme, so all I did was slowly wrap my twine ropes around it to create a napkin ring, and I just tied it to the back. I threw in two candlesticks with candles, some wooden cutout houses (found in the dollar section at Target), four champagne glasses, and my matte black utensils.

Viola! Everything is perfectly put together! I wanted to make this extra special, so I added more wooden houses in the background with some Christmas tree. I even included tea light candles in the background, and insert one in each hanging glass votive. The candle light paired with the tea light candles brings out a cozy and intimate evening for my family and I to enjoy. Here is the finished table, and I hope you love this as much as I love putting it together. Thanks for visiting me today, and if you haven’t done it yet, follow me on Instagram, visit my online shop, and stay safe!

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