Decor Tips: Choosing Your Color

The way you decorate your house and choose your colors are very important.  You have to make sure that all the colors go together, and that not one color is too much or not enough.  I always start with choosing the wall color first.  Think of your walls as a blank canvas of your masterpiece.  Just remember that whatever color you choose, you will be living in it for a long time, so pick wisely.  In this sample, my walls are cream white.

After I paint my walls, the next thing I do is choosing the colors of my furnitures.  If you’re decorating your living room, think about the colors of your sofas or chairs.  The colors of your furnitures are a big deal.  This is pretty much your artwork on your canvas.  Since my walls are cream white, I’ll probably go with beige sofa, leather chairs, with a light brown coffee table or ottoman.

Next is your accent color.  This color is for your decor pieces, and it should make a statement when you step into the room.  This color is the main color of all of your small decor, such as pillows, throw blankets, vases, etc…  These small items are the pieces in your canvas that brings your artwork to life.  My accent color are all the greens you see in this palette.  Sage green pillows with different patterns, white throw blankets, white vases with eucalyptus greenery plants, and probably throw in a hint of black to balance it out.  Black light fixtures and wall pieces will do the trick.

I hope this tip helps!! Send me photos of your home and share it through my Facebook or Instagram page @birchtiermarket. Also remember to shop my online store at Shop Birch Tier Market.

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