Decor tips: Small Space, Extra Seatings

I recently give my little sister some tips about decorating her 300 sq.ft apartment, and making it a more functional living space.  One of my concern with such a small space is seatings for the guests.  With such a small room to work with, you really have to be creative.  I give her two simple tips:

Floor Pillows

Floor pillows can definitely add extra seatings.  Bring it out when you have guests, and store them away when you don’t.  You don’t need a lot of it, just get two or three since your room is so small.  Floor pillows are comfortable and small enough to fit in small storage space.  And let’s face it, it makes an awesome decor which you’ll appreciate more.

Ottoman Coffee Table

When purchasing a coffee table, I advise her to get an ottoman and use a large tray to hold her living room essentials (candles, remote controls, small planters, coffee cup, etc.)  The soft fabric cushion on the ottoman is perfect for seatings, and is also a great storage piece if you get the one that opens up to store items.  I would probably get one with the storage for the floor pillows.  

Another Quick Tip:  Stick to a round ottoman since the room is so small. You want to be able to move around without bumping your knees onto the corners of the ottoman.  Remember, the goal is to make this small space more functional. 

This is just my personal tips that I give my sister, which I think will help some of you.  If you have other ideas, please share!  I can pass your ideas and tips over to her, and I’m sure she’ll appreciate it.  Thank you for reading and check back again for more decorating tips.  

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