DIY Cotton Ball Garland

How many of you started thinking about Christmas the minute halloween was over? This is me. I put up my Christmas tree in November. I know people say you should respect the turkey, which I do, but I spent a lot of money on my faux tree that I want to be able to admire it for as long as I can.  Last year, I bought myself a Martha Stewart lightly flocked tree.  I always wanted one, so I was very excited about this purchase.  I wanted to add more snow to my tree this year, so I’m going to show you an inexpensive way to add “snowballs” to your tree. You only need three things to make it.

This is my DIY Cotton Ball Garland.



2-3 Bags of Cotton Ball
White Thread


Step 1: Insert the thread into the needle.


Step 2:  Pierce slightly right in the middle of the cotton ball.


Step 3:  Pull the cotton ball through the thread.


Step 4:  Continue “sewing” through the cotton ball until you get the garland to the length you wanted.  Mine was about 7 feet long.  Separate each cotton ball at least an inch apart.


There you have it!  Your very own cotton ball garland.  You can probably do this with pom poms if you want a colorful Christmas tree.  

On top of the garland, I added some more decor, including my Rae Dunn Ornaments.  Click here to shop my ornaments.

Thanks for reading, and if you made your own cotton ball garland, please share it on Instagram or Facebook and tag me @birchtiermarket.  Check back soon for more DIYs, decor tips, and easy recipe.  Merry Christmas!

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